About Us


Provide premium quality organically grown coffee while providing ethical business transactions for the coffee growers we work with around the world.

  • Provide memorable farm to cup experience for coffee lovers whether in a restaurant or at home.
  • Uphold the standards of organic, fair-trade coffee industry and source the world’s finest Arabica beans to provide our customers with great tasting, pesticide free coffee. At the same time, we know the families and farmers who work and live nearby where our coffee is grown are not exposed to dangerous pesticides.
  • Strive to be a recognized and preferred brand among our customers in hopes they share with others.
  • Support our local communities where we live and work.
Who We Are

Ryan was in the technology industry for nearly 20 years in all facets. After that time, he sold his business interests and retired from the industry to focus on family.
Jennifer spent close to 10 years in the banking industry within the International Business and Treasury Management Divisions. She left to focus on raising her children and has spent the last few years volunteering with her children’s schools.

In searching for their next career focus, Ryan and Jennifer knew they wanted to own a small family-run business and instill their values within the company. Finding Coast Roast was a match with the existing goals and mission. The desire to continue what Jane and Richard started almost 30 years ago will be at the forefront of all decision making. The legacy created with Coast Roast Coffee is something we look forward to continuing. We are excited to expand and bring Coast Roast Coffee to additional coffee lovers in the Bay Area and beyond.

Our History

Jane Healy and Richard Oppen started Tomales Coast Roast in 1991. They chose the fair trade route because they wanted to sell a product that would help improve living conditions for people in coffee-growing regions. Jane and Richard were very busy raising their 3 daughters and growing their business over time. Today, Coast Roast has a loyal customer base that goes beyond the Bay Area.

After 27 years in the business, Jane and Richard decided it was time to retire. They sought new owners that would appreciate and love this little coffee business like they had all these years. That’s when they found Ryan and Jennifer Lindsay. In May of 2018, the Lindsays became the new owners of Coast Coast Coffee.

Jane Healy and Richard Oppen

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve upon.