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  • Brewing Guide: Auto Drip Brew

    Auto Drip Brewing Guide How to Brew Organic Coffee

    As the most common household coffee maker, Auto Drip brewing can produce excellent coffee.  With a few simple steps you’ll be making incredible coffee in a near effortless manner.  For best results utilize a Certified SCAA Brewer, high quality Coast Roast beans, a burr grinder, and filtered water.


    Step 1: Measure Coffee Beans & Water

    Weigh out your whole bean organic Coast Roast coffee.  We recommend a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water.

    Step 2: Grind Coffee

    Grind the beans just before brewing.  Set the level of coarseness according to the filter type you are using. For flat-bottom filters, grind on an auto-drip or medium setting. For cone shaped filters, adjust the grind to a slightly coarser setting.

    Step 3: Place Filter

    Insert the filter into the brew basket and pour your freshly ground coffee into the filter.

    Step 4: Add Water

    Add the appropriate amount of measured water to the brewer.

    Step 5: Start Brewer

    Start the machine and make sure you allow the entire brew cycle to finish, then immediately discard the coffee grounds. If you leave the filter in the basket after brewing is complete, coffee will continue to drip slowly through the grounds, which can turn your coffee bitter.

    Step 6: ENJOY

    Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy your delicious organic coffee!  Make sure to remove your coffee carafe from the heat source after 15 minutes as prolonged exposure to the heat plate will negatively impact the flavor.



    Making the perfect cup of coffee can take time and patience but we can help you speed along the process.  For any brewing method we suggest starting with a 1:16 coffee:water ratio, which provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes flavor pulled out of the ground coffee. You will need to adjust the ratio based on your method of brewing, type of coffee and personal preference.  This ratio is not necessarily a perfect number but it will provide a great starting point; adjust the ratio for stronger or weaker to your taste.

    What You'll Need

    1 -Auto Drip Brewer

    2 -Clean Filter

    3 -Fresh, whole bean organic Coast Roast coffee

    4 -Grinder (burr grinder recommended)

    5 -Scale

    6 -Filtered Water

    7 -Mugs


    Coffee Water Ratio

    We recommend starting with a 1:16 ratio. This means for every 16 ounces of water; 1 ounce of coffee is needed.

    If you do not have a scale; a rough estimate is 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. Remember to make adjustments to this ratio as needed (stronger- 1:15; weaker-1:18).