Why Organic Coffee?

Organic CoffeeOrganic coffee is naturally grown without using harmful chemicals and pesticides. Additionally, to be a USDA Organic certified coffee company, we go through a lengthy application and inspection process to prove not only is our product organic but all materials that come into contact with our product are also safe. That means the bags we use are free of harmful toxins, the cleaning products we use are natural and organic. These are benefits to the consumer and those drinking Coast Roast Coffee. However, the benefits start long before it reaches your cup. Growing produce using organic methods limits the exposure to harmful chemicals to those that work and live in the area but it also helps to prevent soil erosion and pollution. Eliminating harmful chemicals used in farming, means cleaner water, purer air, richer soil and better lives. Since 1991, Coast Roast Coffee has been a dedicated organic company and we take pride in not only providing you with premium quality coffee but in protecting human and environmental health.

A new study shows those who ate more #organic produce, dairy, meat and other products had 25 percent fewer cancer diagnoses over all, especially lymphoma and breast cancer @OrganicCenter https://bit.ly/2PPH9q5.

For more information about the benefits of organic food, please check out The Organic Center. https://www.organic-center.org/