Organic Integrity

Since 1991, Coast Roast has been fully committed to producing quality organic coffee while doing the right thing for the environment, farmers, and our customers. Strictly adhering to a philosophy where coffee is sourced based on traceability and social responsibility.



Social Responsibility

Coast Roast is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and ethical conduct. We source the finest coffee through small farmers that implement similar ethical business practices and sustainable organic agriculture programs. Working together we positively impact our communities, our planet and our people. Check out our Human Rights & Labor Practices and our Supplier Code of Conduct.



Coast Roast is committed to doing business the right and responsible way by protecting, respecting and preserving the environment for future generations. With our extensive recycling program, composting of chaff, donation of coffee grounds as well as the 100% recycling of all jute and burlap coffee bags; we continue to explore and implement ways to be more efficient with our consumption of resources and minimizing our environmental footprint.


Farmer Assistance

We are committed to ensuring coffee farmers and farm workers have safe working conditions, can build sustainable livelihoods and earn enough to empower and uplift their communities. We support programs and purchase at prices that help empower farmers.



Coast Roast is actively committed to positively impacting its community by donating time, goods, services and financial support. When our community thrives our business thrives and we are committed to continuing to invest resources in making a positive impact.


Organic Coffee

Coast Roast offers a full line of premium organic, shade-grown, fair trade coffee. Always using specialty-grade Arabica beans. As a dedicated organic company we take pride in not only providing you with premium quality coffee but in protecting human and environmental health.




Every coffee bean is 100% organic with nothing added. Our coffee is dried using the sun’s energy, which reduces fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, creating a safer product for consumers and the planet. Organic certifications protect farmers from applying harmful synthetic additives such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers.



Fair trade certifications help promote sustainable farming, social and environmental standards and advocates for payment of higher prices to smallholder farmers. As a result, farmers benefit from increased access to resources to improve communities and their livelihoods.