Swiss Water Decaf

Coast Roast only uses chemical free Swiss Water Processing
Organic Since 1991

Organic Since 1991

In 1991, Coast Roast Coffee opened its doors in the coastal community of Tomales CA. Since then we've continued to be family-owned and fully dedicated to providing ethically sourced, specialty grade organic quality coffee.

What Customers are Saying

Thank you

Best coffee I have ever tasted! And much appreciate your impeccable ethics and integrity.

Espresso Whole Bean Organic Coffee

Perfect way to start a day

When you wake up in the morning, and you go to grind your coffee, you’re looking forward to something special. This coffee did not disappoint. Very balanced and the perfect roast for my taste. Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a light-medium roast. Will definitely buy again.

Organic Honduran Whole Bean Coffee Single Origin

The most delicious decaf ever!

Rich, full-bodied, without the caffeine. If you just love the taste of coffee but don't want the buzz, THIS IS IT! In fact, I can have a cup of this coffee and reliably count on being relaxed enough for an afternoon nap.

Organic Swiss Water Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

Andy P.
Stevan B.
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