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  • September 14, 2018 2 min read

    Coffee is something that is incredibly personal to everyone who drinks the beverage on a daily basis. That now includes 100 million people over the age of 18 just in the United States alone. Maybe you stop at your local coffee shop or visit your favorite barista everyone morning to get your day started. You might be one of the 68% that makes your preferred java at home. From there, there are lots of options. Do you have a preference of where your beans come from? Are you a loyal fan of beans from Ethiopia or Sumatra or are you adventurous and try coffee from a variety of origins? Do you like a light roast, medium or maybe a dark? Do you grind the beans yourself or purchase it already ground? Next, how do you brew it? Do you have the basic drip coffee maker, opt for the French press or a pour over? Perhaps you prefer to get your morning coffee into your body in the fastest way possible and therefore the pods are your favored method. Lastly, what else goes into your cup? Do you drink it black and the thought of adding anything ruins the idea of coffee? You might add sugar, or milk, or honey, or like myself a flavored creamer - yes I just admitted that. But that's my point. You like what you like. Don't apologize for it. It's personal and buy, prepare and drink it however you like it. 

    One thing is for sure, the quality of beans you start with will greatly impact the end result of the coffee in your cup. For many years, my husband and I didn't put much thought into the coffee we were drinking. When our kids were little, we used the pods because a caffeine IV wasn't sold at our local super market. Fast forward to the point where we purchased Coast Roast Coffee and our eyes were opened to the world of specialty coffee. And what an amazing world it is. It's astonishing the various personalities that coffees from different countries present. Our fascination with roasting  grows larger with each class we attend, book or article we read or conversation we have with roasters. There is no going back from here. A new world has been presented to us and those old coffee preferences will never taste the same. Our coffee taste buds have evolved.

    So we welcome you to join us on the dark side (or the medium side or light side) and give premium quality organic coffee a try. It just might change your world in a very personal way too.