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  • Organic French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

    Dark Roast

    This three-bean blend showcases the vibrant flavor of organic coffee beans from Peru, Guatemala and Sumatra for a balanced cup of coffee. The dark and delicious sweet smoky flavor comes from years of roasting expertise and high-quality Arabica beans. Delicious!

    Fair Trade USDA Organic Certified Coffee

    USDA Certified Organic Coffee Fair Trade Certified Coffee

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Susan Kistin
    Best Coffee That Exists

    I may try other coffee but I always come back to Coast Roast because it is simply the very best. Each kind of their coffee I've tasted is truly rich and delicious, from a lighter blend all the way to the darkest. I think I've tried and loved them all! The delivery is super fast and the service as friendly as can be. I am thrilled with Coast Roast and I recommend that you don't miss it!

    Love it!

    The french roast makes the perfect bold, robust cup of coffee. I brew this using a 16:1 ration in a French press. This coffee is not acidic and does not cause stomach discomfort like some coffees do. Often times I break out in rashes when drinking coffee if it is not organic, and sometimes if it is, but this does not happen with coast roast coffees. So happy I found this quality coffee roaster.

    Murphy Musick

    My wife and I drink one cup of coffee every morning and we really like GOOD DARK organic coffee.
    Five years ago, we were lucky to find Coast Roast Organic French Roast. I say lucky because we have had 5 years of great coffee and excellent service since then. This French Roast has a dark and full-flavored taste that satisfies with every mornings cup.
    Organic is very important to us and we are willingly paying a premium price for great quality, clean and thoughtfully grown coffee.
    Im not a great writer but I just thought I would do this review to help you make a good choice in good coffee. I did a review 2 years ago after a particularly good morning drinking Coast Roast and had to shout out; now its years later and I am looking forward to all my future mornings cup.

    Daniel Bravo

    Definitely the best coffee we had! Is kind of addicting actually, it is that good. Thank you, I wish you had a store here in the East coast.

    When do you sell in Brooklyn

    Probably my best coffee ever, from a coffee company with ethics . A few beans of this mixed with a few beans of Coast Roast Ethiopian ground fine makes a great afternoon single. Now please put your coffee in a Brooklyn store.