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  • Sample Pack Decafs (3 pack)

    This sample pack is great for those coffee lovers wanting delicious full flavor coffee with less caffeine. This package includes three 4-ounce sample-sized bags of natural shade grown, fair trade, Swiss Water processed, certified organic coffees in the following varieties:

    Swiss Water Decaf - Dark Roast
    The most delicious decaf ever!  We start with our flavorful organic Peru beans, decaffeinated using the patented Swiss Water Method, so no harmful chemicals touch our organic coffee. Then, we dark roast the beans for the fullest flavor. It’s delicious brewed or in any espresso drink.

    Half-caf Single Origin - Medium-Dark Roast
    Our fully caffeinated single origin organic Peruvian beans are added to our Decaf to create this wonderful Single Origin Half-Caf coffee.

    Half-caf Blend - Medium-Dark Roast
    A medium-roast blend of multiple organic fair trade beans are then added to our Decaf to create this tasty organic Half-Caf Blend coffee.


    USDA Organic Certified Coffee