Sample Pack Favorites (4 pack)


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This package includes four 4-ounce sample-sized bags showcasing some Coast Roast customer and staff favorites.  All four are natural shade grown, ethically sourced, certified organic coffees.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Medium-Dark Roast
This fair trade, certified organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is roasted to a medium-dark roast level. This smooth medium body coffee is softly fragrant and floral with wine, fruit, and molasses overtones. A long, intensified, satisfying finish.

Honduran - Light-Medium Roast
This is a certified Organic single origin offering from the CAFESCOR (Cafes Especiáles Corquín) Cooperative. We roast to a light-medium roast level to preserve the natural bright sweetness of the coffee. This Honduran Single Origin is balanced and clean, caramel-like with a sweet hazelnut flavor and notes of apple and chocolate.

French Roast - Dark Roast
This three-bean blend showcases the vibrant flavor of organic coffee beans from Peru, Guatemala and Sumatra for a balanced cup of coffee. The dark and delicious sweet smoky flavor comes from years of roasting expertise and high-quality Arabica beans. Delicious! 

Mocha Java - Medium Roast
Known as the world’s oldest coffee blend, our Mocha Java roast lives up to its reputation of a complex, well-balanced organic coffee. Our premium Arabica beans from Ethiopia lend their bold, full-bodied flavor to this blend, while our velvety beans from Indonesia provide a hint of fruit and bright smoothness to this palate-pleasing coffee.

Ethically Sourced USDA Organic Certified Coffee

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