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  • July 23, 2020 3 min read

    If you are looking for a tasty Coffee Espresso Milkshake, you will love this simple recipe. It includes just three ingredients and is perfect for milkshake lovers.

    5 minutes 30 minutes 1
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    • 1/3 cup espresso, cooled
    • 2 cups of vanilla ice cream
    • 1/2 cup milk
    • 2 TBSP of Baileys Irish Cream or Kahlua (optional)


    1. You will start by brewing up some espresso coffee. We recommend our Coast Roast Organic Espresso. You will need 1/3 of a cup for this drink for each serving you make. You will want to let is cool enough, so the ice cream does not melt when added.
    2. Once your espresso is cool, place in the blender. You will then add two cups of vanilla ice cream and ½ cup of milk.
    3. Start up your blender and mix it to your desired consistency. If you want it thinner, make sure to mix it for a longer time. You can also mix it less for a thicker consistency. This will require you to eat it with a spoon.


    While the recipe doesn’t take long to make, it does take some time for the coffee to cool. Overall, it will only take about 5 minutes to throw this together, but about 20 to 30 minutes for your coffee to cool down a bit. You can always add a few ice cubes to the coffee to help it cool down faster.

    The fun part about this recipe is you can also add in extra or different ingredients for a new flavor every time. If you are looking for an adult’s only version, add a little alcohol. Follow the steps above, but add in two tablespoons of Baileys Irish Cream or Kahlua. It makes for a fun dessert or a fun treat on the weekends. You can add the alcohol to this either before or after you mix it up in the blender.

    Substitute Vanilla Ice Cream

    If you love that chocolaty taste, then use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla. Both of these flavors make for the perfect milkshake.

    Enhance Your Coffee Espresso Milkshake with Flavored Syrups

    If you love your milk shake bursting with flavor, you can also use flavored syrup or extract.

    Personally, I love to add in peppermint, hazelnut, or chocolate syrups. Only add a teaspoon of each to ensure you don’t overwhelm it with sweetness. You can always add more.

    When I use chocolate ice cream, I love adding cinnamon, toffee, or chocolate mint.

    Add in Cocoa or Hot Chocolate to Your Coffee Espresso Milkshake

    Another thing I love to add to the simple recipe is cocoa or hot chocolate. Cocoa is best for those that want the rich chocolaty taste while using vanilla ice cream. The hot chocolate will also have some sugar so it’s another great option.

    You can sprinkle them on top or add it to the blender to mix it all in. You can also do both for an even larger burst of chocolate flavor.

    Sprinkle or Blend in Pieces of Candy

    You can also add some chocolate chips, M&Ms, or Snickers to your recipe. With the chocolate chips and M&Ms, you can easily add them to the blender. I like to freeze the Snickers (or other candy bars) first and them break them into pieces to mix in after the blending is done.